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2022 Service award winners

Patricia S Gaunt | Published on 11/2/2022

We wish to extend our congratulations to Dr. Wilson K. Rumbeiha one of the award winners of the 2022 ABVT Service Award. Dr. Rumbeiha is an ardent member of ABVT and has been a member since 1993. Since that time Dr. Rumbeiha served as a member of the ABVT exam committee from 2012-2015. Currently he is serving as a member of the ABVT education committee. During his 25+ year career in veterinary toxicology, Dr. Rumbeiha has made numerous contributions to the field including serving as AAVCT president 2004-2006, and President of Veterinary and Comparative Toxicology Specialty section of the SOT. Dr. Rumbeiha has written several letters of recommendations for young toxicologists seeking ABVT certification,  several of whom were successful and are now ABVT members. Dr. Rumbeiha has authored 70+ publications and many book chapters. As a minority, Dr. Rumbeiha is keen to see diversity in Toxicology, including Veterinary Toxicology. Of note in this regard is his active 5-yr NIH grant, “ToxMSDT: An Innovative Toxicology Pathway mentoring program targeting underrepresented STEM students .” Thirty undergraduate students have completed the ToxMSDT program and all 10 (100%) of those who have graduated have joined graduate school in toxicology or toxicology-related STEM fields.



We also wish to extend our congratulations to Dr. Tina Wismer the other co-winner of the 2022 ABVT Service Award. She has been an ABVT diplomat since 2003. Dr. Wismer has served on several committees during her tenure (Awards, Nominating and Examination – including a 4 year stint as chairperson for the exam committee). Tina is currently the Senior Director of Toxicology at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. She consults with owners and veterinarians on potential poisoning situations. Dr. Wismer’s passion is teaching due to her superpower of explaining difficult concepts in easy-to-understand ways. She is an adjunct instructor at the University of Illinois, a visiting professor at St. Matthews University (Cayman), a consultant for VIN (Veterinary Information Network) and is also a Master Gardener. Dr. Wismer has authored multiple peer-reviewed toxicology articles and book chapters. She enjoys public speaking and has presented at many local and national veterinary meetings.