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Veterinary toxicologists protect human and animal health in many ways.

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The American Board of Veterinary Toxicology (ABVT)

Established in 1967, the ABVT is one of 22 veterinary specialty organization recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association. It was the first professional organization to provide certification in the field of toxicology.  As a non-profit educational organization, the board administers a specialty certification examination to qualified veterinarians.  Our credentialing process ensures that animal and human lives will be protected by veterinarians with expertise in veterinary toxicology.

Who we are & what we do

Board-certified veterinary toxicologists protect human and animal health. We inform and educate health professionals and the public about toxicologic hazards to pets, livestock, and wildlife. We work in academia, veterinary medical diagnostic laboratories, poison control centers, government agencies, industry, research laboratories, and private consulting firms.

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 In memory of Dr. Gavin Meerdink

ABVT diplomate and third generation veterinarian, Dr. Gavin Meerdink passed away on July 4, 2020 at age 75. Dr. Meerdink spent much of his career leading various diagnostic laboratories. Among his many contributions was helping to establish the Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. 

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ABVT Service Award Winner 

Congratulations to 
Dr. Jay Albretsen, winner of the 2020 ABVT Service Award! Dr. Albretsen has worn many hats during his 20 plus tenure as a Diplomate of ABVT. Most notably, he has served as Candidate Coordinator for the past 10-odd years, providing support and encouragement for many applicants. 

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Certification exam:
The 2021 examination will be administered remotely on Sunday, July 25.

Upcoming business meetings:
Monday, August 2, 2021 at the AVMA Convention in Minneapolis, MN

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