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Dr. Jay Albretsen receives ABVT Service Award

Dr. Petra Volmer  | Published on 8/27/2020

Dr. Jay Albretsen

Congratulations to Dr. Jay Albretsen, the 2020 ABVT Service Award winner!

Dr. Albretsen has been a Diplomate of ABVT for over 20 years. He has served on the Examination Committee and most recently as Candidate Coordinator for well over 10 years. As such, Jay has been an effective and dedicated stalwart and a contact touchstone for many applicants who have become Diplomates of ABVT.  He has been accessible to help guide individuals through the application process and has maintained all records associated with each candidate’s application and progress towards certification as an ABVT Diplomate.  He has also assisted the ABVT Examination Committee during the exam process and routinely provided valuable guidance to that committee on the day of the exam. Dr. Albretsen has been critical to the success of the ABVT and is well deserving of this recognition.