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Online Candidate Application Preparation

The ABVT encourages all candidate applicants to complete their application using the online format. The online method will speed the review process for both the candidate and the reviewer.

Tips for successfully applying online:

NOTE: If you need to update/complete/amend an existing application, make an error in your application, lose your internet connection, etc., you can click here to make those changes.

If you have specific questions at any time during the application process, you can contact the candidate coordinator here.

1. Review and understand the ABVT Website Privacy Statement and ABVT Constitution and By-Laws.

2. Download and review this document prior to starting the online application process. It contains all the information you need to submit online. Note: No hard copy applications will be accepted.

3. You must complete all of the steps of the application process. You will not be able to save the information you submitted and come back later to complete it.

4. You must restart your application from Step 1 if you find that you cannot submit all of the information required. Restarting the application process multiple times will increase the processing and review time for your application.

5. Most of the information you are asked to provide is required information. You will not be allowed to proceed to the next step of the application process until all of the required information is entered correctly into the form. If an entry error does occur, the page will return a message with the nature of the error, at which point you may enter the correct information and proceed to the next step without starting over.

6. You will have the opportunity to pay your application fee online using PayPal. ABVT strongly encourages you to use this online payment feature, as it will decrease the processing time for your application. Please have a valid credit card or your PayPal credentials available.

7. You will need to send hard copies of your a) university transcript(s) and b) letter(s) of recommendation to the ABVT candidate coordinator. You will NOT be able to submit these online, as ABVT requires original hard copies of these documents for our files. You will receive another reminder at the end of the application process to mail these documents in as soon as possible.

8. Please insure that your browser has "cookies" enabled.

9. If you make an error in your application, lose your internet connection, or otherwise to complete/amend your application, click here.

To start the online application process, enter your e-mail address below and click the "Submit" button